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Fiscal Phil's sticking plaster Budget

October 29, 2018 6:01 PM
Originally published by UK Liberal Democrats

"A standstill non-event" - Vince Cable

"This was all very modest stuff, with more in it for potholes than schools and the police. A standstill non-event.

If we are to see an end to austerity, then we need a proper injection of cash

"With growth remaining stubbornly low and Brexit weighing down our economy, it is clear the big problems are still to be tackled. It was a sticking plaster Budget, when major surgery lies ahead.

"If we are to see an end to austerity, then we need a proper injection of cash - at least £19bn according to the IFS - in our public services. The Chancellor said he could end austerity without raising taxes, but that is highly unlikely in practice.

"The Chancellor dined out on the borrowing improvements the OBR has given him, but these are overshadowed by the damaging impact Brexit will have on the UK's public finances. These costs, which could reach £80bn a year in the event of 'no deal', risk turning today's Budget into a sideshow."

Chancellor ignores rising violence and worsening prison crisis - Ed Davey

It's almost unbelievable that the Chancellor's Budget contained not a single penny to tackle these problems

"Given the sharp rise of serious violence on our streets and the worsening crisis in our prisons, it's almost unbelievable that the Chancellor's Budget contained not a single penny to tackle these problems.

"Merely promising to 'review police spending power' isn't nearly good enough.

"Liberal Democrats demand better. We are calling for an extra £300 million a year to boost community policing and urgent investment to recruit more prison officers."

Government mental health funding falls well short - Norman Lamb

For all the spin, this £2 billion falls well short of the amount experts say is needed

"While extra funding for mental health is sorely needed, the Chancellor is investing the bare minimum. For all the Government's spin, this £2 billion falls well short of the amount experts say is needed to deliver vital improvements to services and achieve real equality between mental and physical health.

"Today's announcement also recycles commitments set out in the Coalition Government's blueprint for children's mental health, which pledged a named mental health lead in schools as well as a dedicated professional in specialist NHS services.

"The Conservatives have failed to drive these changes through nearly five years on. Why should we expect things will be any different this time around?

"Liberal Democrats demand better. The Government has failed to ensure that money from previous spending commitments gets through to where it is needed. It is vital that the new funding is used properly to invest in community-based care as well as early years support."

Budget clouded by Brexit disarray and uncertainty - Tom Brake

Brexit must not be allowed to make the UK poorer

"May and Hammond can't agree what a no-deal Brexit will mean for the Budget. Hammond thinks it will require a whole new, emergency budget while May has attempted to save face and insist the Budget will stand regardless. What a mess.

"This fingers-crossed Budget is predicated on the Tories' hopes that despite the mess they are making of Brexit the economy won't suffer too severely. In reality, the Tories' infighting has them gambling with the UK's finances.

"Liberal Democrats demand better. Brexit must not be allowed to make the UK poorer, that is why we need a final vote on the Brexit deal with an option to remain in the EU."

Gamblers face another year of being held captive to FOBTs - Lord Foster

The Chancellor announced today that the £2 maximum stake for Fixed-Odds-Betting-Terminals will not be implemented until October 2019.

"We know with absolute certainty that this delay will see yet more lives ruined by these highly addictive machines.

"Communities up and down the country see the damage that can be done when hundreds of pounds can be lost in minutes if not seconds, day after day.

"Families will be despairing tonight that a problem gambler that they care about faces another full year of living captive to these machines until the Government step-in and do the right thing."

Conservative Government throwing in the towel on halting climate change - Ed Davey

This budget is grossly disappointing for those who care about fighting climate change

"This budget is grossly disappointing for those, like me, who care about fighting climate change and protecting the environment. The Chancellor has simply thrown in the towel.

"The Tories have frozen fuel duty, slashed electric car subsides, committed £30bn to new road building and promise to continue at the same level subsidises to the oil and gas industry, while offering a measly £60 million to planting new trees, as if that will negate the damage they're doing.

"Liberal Democrats demand better. We would deliver a green budget, which promises more investment in renewable energy, not fossil fuels, borrowing to invest in infrastructure like rail, buses and electric vehicle charging points."

Infrastructure plans lack future proofing - Baroness Randerson

"While it is welcome news that the Government will finally set aside much needed investment for our roads, their infrastructure plan lacks any future proofing.

"With climate change an ever greater threat, Liberal Democrats demand better. Ministers should be focusing on a model shift away from car use to public transport. That means investment in rail, low emission buses and electric charging points."